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The executive board of this not-for-profit organization seeks to raise funds before the crisis occurs - so that when a tragedy happens, our community’s helping hand can be extended immediately.


Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • A sheriff’s office deputy is shot in the line of duty while apprehending a suspect.  His wife left by car three days before to visit her mother in New York – she needs to get on the next flight out NOW so she can be by her husband’s side at the hospital, but they don’t have the funds to buy the plane ticket.

  • An Emergency Communications Officer works the 911 Center through multiple shifts during a tropical storm.  While she is taking calls from panicked citizens, she is unaware that her own home is flooded, and her belongings are lost.

  • A fireman’s daughter is struck by a car on her way to school.  The child must receive treatment in a specialty hospital located three hours away – her parents forgo paying other household bills so they can afford the gas it takes to travel to and from the hospital.

  • A long-time civilian employee of the police department loses her home to fire after lightning strikes the roof. A single mom, she doesn’t have the funds for first-and-last month’s rent on an apartment for her and her kids, so they are living in a cramped hotel room.



We are a not-for-profit fund that benefits First Responders and their families in the Clay County community.

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