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In times of serious trouble or emergency, Clay County citizens know they can call their local public safety organizations for help. They can count on the personnel who embody their local law enforcement, fire-rescue and emergency management teams in Clay County. 

But who do these men and women call when they have their own emergency? 

Announcing Signal 35, a new privately funded public safety initiative in Clay County named after our county’s radio call code for “officer needs assistance”.

Created by local leaders and community sponsors, the goal of this new initiative is to cut out the red tape, so emergencies faced by Clay County’s public servants are addressed quickly. The new Signal 35 not-for-profit organization seeks to fill in the gap when losses or unique emergency needs suddenly hit this valued group of public servants, but their expenses aren’t covered swiftly enough by other funds or benefits.

Find out more. Please join us as we challenge everyone in our community to become involved. An impressive group of well-known community leaders will be introduced. They are motivated as a team to shining a spotlight on this very serious need in our public safety community and to leading the way to meet the need. 


To respond quickly with ready-to-allocate resources when unique emergency needs hit our community’s public servants.

To efficiently manage and fairly award contributed funds to public safety agency employees and their immediate family members in their time of need.

To come to the rescue of those whose life’s work is to rescue us.

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